Jabber-mp  v.0.1

This is a simple Jabber client for the popular mediacenter software MediaPortal (homepage Everytime you start Mediaportal it will connect to Jabber with an account you set up.

Akeni Jabber Client (XMPP) Corporate IM

Akeni Jabber Client ( XMPP ) is an instant messaging client for Jabber ( XMPP ) compliant coporate instant messaging IM servers. Feature List: XML-based messaging protocol, private chat, conference, broadcast messages to groups of people, message log,


Akeni Web Terminal (Jabber/XMPP Web Client)

Akeni Web Terminal (XMPP/ Jabber Web Client) is designed for universal accessibility and ease of deployment. The Web Terminal is compatible with your XMPP/Jabber Corporate IM server. The Web Termnal features chat, notification and conferencing. The Akeni

SimpLite-Jabber  v.2 5

SimpLite-Jabber is a program that can encrypt the messages you send through the Internet. Every time you send messages using Jabber/Google Talk, they are sent in text form. This means that some people can read your conversations.

Jabber Twitter Bridge  v.0.3

Jabber Twitter Bridge is a java software to do that : Google Talk to Twitter, Google Calendar to Twitter, Google Calendar to Google Talk and Twitter to Google Talk.Jabber Twitter Bridge is keeping your password into a file.

Jibber-Jabber  v.

Have fun with Sentence Structure by using Jibber-Jabber... Click the button to spin out one of literally Billions of wacky, but grammatically correct sentences!!! Laugh and learn with

BuddySpace Jabber Client  v.rc.2.8

BuddySpace is an enhanced Jabber client providing secure presence management, web services and instant messaging.

Jabber MUD Bot Framework  v.0.8

This software allows a MUD server to be run as a Jabber bot.

Jabber.el  v.0.8.0

a jabber (instant messaging) client running atop emacs.

VoIM - Jabber Text and Voice IM Client  v.0.9

VoIM is a Java based Jabber client that will provide excellent text instant messaging capabilities as well as the ability to send and receive voice messages.

WodXMPP  v.1.5.1

wodXMPP is a client component for XMPP/Jabber (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) protocol. It is used to create messaging clients.

Qnext- Unified Communication & Sharing

Qnext unifies Communication, Broadcasting & digital media Sharing. 4-way Video, 8-way Voice, all contacts in one place, Universal Instant Messenger MSN-Yahoo-AIM-ICQ-Google talk-Jabber-IRC. Group chat, File transfer at any size. Instantly Share Files,

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